Dylan Eastman has designed and managed the DIY Network - Blog Cabin multimedia experience since 2011. From 2002 on, he has also design/built everything from residential additions to custom homes to churches to process plants. He continues to #make anything and everything he can. You can find his online #HowTo's and #DIY articles as far back as 1995 when the web was largely text based.

His current toolbox includes 20 years of experience, CNC's, laser tables, and 3D printers.



CAD and 3D renderings for architectural projects or product design. Solidworks, Inventor, and Sketch-up also available.


Prototyping parts, 3D in ABS, plate steel works (firepits, sign letters), laser etched glass/mirror, & custom reclaimed furniture. Construction services available in limited markets


"Dylan, just want to give a quick shout out to you, your team, and the contractors you selected. This [] is the most amazing architectural, engineering, best practices and design project yet. We are really excited seeing this step by step. Thank you."


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